Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Model Spotlight: TxStarz

TxStarz Chat Room: http://homecamgirl.com/txstarz/
1) How did you come up with your alter ego Jessi Jayde & Mr? My real name is Jessica, but that’s not exactly the most interesting name so I added a ‘sexy’ spin. Mr started off as Mr Jessi Jayde and eventually it just ended up as “Mr”. That’s not to say others didn’t offer suggestions. I think the oddest name for him people have come up with was “Grover”. I’m not quite sure how that happened.
2) What is your favorite thing about being on webcam? Being able to socialize is key to our room dynamics. Most will find that our room has a heavy focus on the chat side of Chaturbate during the time between shows. We like to get to know our viewers.
3) Where is the wildest place you’ve done a broadcast? We haven’t gotten the chance to broadcast outside of our home. It hasn’t been something that has been possible in the past but is definitely something we’d love to try. We have filmed videos and taken naughty photos in public places though!
4)What is your favorite sex toy? JESS: I prefer Mr’s cock, but when it comes to a solo show, the glass dildo sword and a bullet is a great combination! MR: I have only ever used two sex toys. The most recent being an Aneros which was gifted by a viewer. That thing produced a hell of an ending to one of my videos.
5) Do you believe in good luck charms? JESS: Not necessarily an inanimate object, but having Mr around seems to have improved my luck, somehow. Luck of the Irish I guess. MR: When I played soccer, if I was on a scoring streak, I’d wear the exact same shirt and boots every game. I felt like if I changed them, it messed up my game. It was probably the worrying about stuff like that which did the most damage!
6) What is the craziest request you guys have received during a webcam show? We were asked to see how many times Jess could cum in one cam session. It was a loooong show and we capped out at 8 orgasms through many different positions and toys. After that, she was cummed out and couldn’t take any more!
7) What is your favorite sex position? JESS: My favorite position used to be doggy style, but riding Mr’s cock has become my favorite. He always manages to hit my G-Spot with every thrust, which makes for some mind blowing orgasms! MR: Sex off-cam is different to what people see us do on-cam. Jess on top is always fun, some sometimes, the slower, more intimate and old-fashioned missionary with her legs wrapped around me and her fingers running through my hair is really hot. Then she starts biting my shoulders and neck and it’s the best sex ever.
8) What was the last spontaneous thing you’ve done? JESS: In our real life, one day I looked at Mr and asked him if he wanted to get married. It was a spur of the moment thing, but we both knew it was something we wanted to do. We got our marriage license and 3 days later we said I do! MR: I think we’re both the kind of people who like things to be planned out, but I love the days where we suddenly decide to just go out like to a restaurant or something, then right after decide on something else to do and then the whole day turns into one big unplanned day, which is always much more fun than anything you can plan.
9) Do you play any musical instruments? JESS: I took piano lessons for years when I was a kid. I always hated it then, but now that I look back I wish I had spent more time learning all of the things I needed to know. I miss it, but I can still kind of play when I get the chance. MR: Hah! Not unless you count the recorder back in High School. Instruments have always been something that have interested me greatly, but I’ve never put any effort into actually learning to play any.
10) If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be? JESS: Hayley Williams from Paramore. She is absolutely adorable and I bet she is just as nice as she seems. Plus, a threesome with her and Mr would be the hottest thing ever. MR: I would love to meet Mark Knopfler. Dire Straits are one of my favorite bands, and he has always seemed like an incredibly nice guy.
11) Do you have any body art? JESS: I have 12 tattoos, I have some that have a lot of meaning, one of which is a Celtic Tree of Life that I got for my grandfather with his initials below it. I also have a tattoo that says “Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom.” It has always gotten me through the tough times and makes it slightly easier to cope with the tough stuff. MR: I have two tattoos. One of a star outline on my right arm, and Calvin and Hobbes artwork on my left. No matter how I felt when I was younger, Calvin and Hobbes was the one thing that could always make me smile. Originally I had planned to have the text “Never Grow Up” added underneath. I ended up not doing that, but it’s what I think every time I see it. We need that part of our lives to remain with us. In my opinion, it’s keeping that feeling of childhood alive that helps in my creative work in graphic design.
12) In your opinion what is the best thing about being married? JESS: The best thing about being married is being with someone that manages to bring out the good side of me. He tries to help me stay level headed and think logically, when sometimes all I want to do is go crazy and yell. He’s the one that makes sure I am happy and I love being the one that can make him happy as well. He’s my soul mate. MR: I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. Before meeting her, I was constantly seeking out material things that would make me enjoy each day that little bit more. Since I’ve been with her, I have never been more content with life. I don’t need anything more than what we have right now.
13) If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring 3 things. What would you bring? JESS: My favorite book – Bag of Bones by Stephen King, a matchbook, and a flare gun. I am sure I could learn to light a fire eventually, but you never know. MR: Antibiotics, fishing rod, sleeping bag. So it’s not the most fun answer ever, but I like to think when it comes to survival, we need to get serious, yo!
14) Any embarrassing moments on webcam? JESS: Honestly? There was one time I was in a private show with ZombieMafia and Mr was fingering me. I was so close to cumming when all of a sudden I let out a toot. I have never been more embarrassed in my whole life. I laughed for 20 minutes before I could get myself back together. MR: Generally, you’re not going to embarrass me any more than I can embarrass myself on cam. Our regular viewers will tell you that I make an ass of myself on a daily basis. However, the one thing that made me feel horrible while on cam was when I jumped up onto the bed just as Jess was getting onto it from the other side. I bounced up and my knee struck her pretty damn hard in the forehead. I’m surprised she was knocked out, but I felt horrible afterwards.
15) Has anyone from Chaturbate bought you anything from your wishlist? We have gotten a ton of stuff purchased for us. It’s an awesome way to show appreciation in addition to the tokens we are tipped. The best thing we have ever gotten was our Canon DSLR camera, we use it to film all of our videos and have some pretty awesome photos from it as well! CobalMM has purchased so many gifts there’s no way we could keep count! ChillPills, Cutiecub and ZombieMafia have also purchased a great number of things for us. We keep a graphic in our bio updated to show thanks for those that buy anything.
16) What is the first thing you do when you wake up? JESS: What I need to do to get ready for the day on cam. Sometimes it’s me thinking about how much time I really need to get ready and debating on whether or not I should ever get out of bed. MR: Twitter. I don’t use it half as much as I used to, but every morning when I wake up, it’s the first thing I check. Not sure why, but it’s a habit I guess!
17) What is the last thing you do before going to bed? JESS: Lately I have been reading more often. For some reason it has become very soothing to read to each other for bed. Of course, they aren’t bed time stories, more like horror and suspense, but I cannot turn down listening to Mr’s sexy Irish voice before bed. MR: I love to read the gaming and worldnews subs on Reddit. Then I’ll put my arm around Jess and get close to nod off. Usually though, this is a highly over-romanticized idea. How on earth do people cuddle with all that hair in their face?!
18) Describe a typical Friday night? We usually cam on Friday nights, Sunday’s are where it’s at! We take Sunday’s off so we can go see the newest movies at our favorite theater. Then we come home, relax, talk about the movie and watch our favorite shows!
19) Any guilty pleasures? JESS: I love, love, love reality shows! I love watching Teen Mom and Bad Girls Club, it always makes my life seem more normal! MR: Avril Lavigne. Listen, I don’t like her new stuff, but those first two albums man! Don’t judge me!
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Model Spotlight: NaughtyDeer

NaughtyDeer’s Chat Room http://homecamgirl.com/naughtydeer/
1) How did you come up with your alter ego “NaughtyDeer”? Deer has been a nickname of mine from ages ago, and well…I’m naughty. :-P
2) Where is the wildest place you’ve done a broadcast? Wildest, oh just a hotel room or over at a friends’ place (to borrow his sybian).
3) What size bra do you wear? I wear a 40C.
4) In your opinion what is the best thing about being American? Freedom! What we as American all too often take for granted.
5) What is the craziest request you’ve received during a webcam show? Elbow sex. GinaRPGGeek and I made a video and posted it. It’s like what they did in Rocky Horror Picture Show.
6) Do you have any body decorations?I have a deer tattoo on my left thigh and a ying yang on my left ankle.
7) What was the last spontaneous thing you’ve done? Flew to Vegas to visit GinaRPGGeek for a party.
8) Have you ever been with another girl? I have, I am bisexual and have been with many girls. I like it a lot. Girls know what other girls like.
9) What is your favorite sex toy? A girls always best friend, hitachi! It’s named buzz.
10) Do you have any fetishes? Oh goodness, so many! See my bio for a huge list.
11) If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring 3 things. What would you bring? String, a cooking pot, and a knife. I used to do wilderness stuff so I can actually make fire with a string and the things around me (bow drill baby)!
12) Any embarrassing moments on webcam? There was one time that GinaRPGGeek and I were on cam together and we put the pussy pumps on her ass, she looked like someone from Avitar. We laughed SO HARD.
13) Has anyone from Chaturbate bought you anything from your wishlist?Lots of things, I love gifts. Glass dildo, corsets, tights, but my favorite right now is my new webcam!
14) What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Complain about having to wake up so early.
15) What is the last thing you do before going to bed? Put my laptop in my room and put on a show to fall asleep.
16) Describe a typical Friday night? Typically I get on cam, and when I’ve had enough then I watch GinaRPGGeek on cam. Then I go to bed early as I have to work my day job on Saturdays. *sad face
17) Any guilty pleasures? Anime! Oh man I love watching anime.
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Model Spotlight: Texas_Blonde

Texas_Blonde Chat Room: http://homecamgirl.com/texas_blonde/
1) What is the best thing about being blonde? Well I think it fits my personality perfectly bubbly & silly! I also love the shocked look on most peoples faces when they figure out I am actually pretty smart =)
2) Do you have any hobbies? I love to cook; read anything by Ayn Rand, also not sure if this is a hobby but I LOVE making vids. Especially public ones, we make them every chance we can.
3) Describe a typical friday night: Hmmm… Well if I don’t get on cam to hang out with the guys I’m power watching series. Right now its rewatching Supernatural, I also loved Battle Star Gallactica, The 4400, House of Cards. So what I guess I am saying is my Friday nights I like to drink & watch tv. Damn that sounds lame lol
4) Do you have any secret Chaturbate crushes? Well I love to watch BlazeFyre when she does her slow strip shows, OnlyOnce1111 is my cyber bestie I can’t wait to meet both of them & guys would be B_Hiddy & JoeySexLad
5) Has anyone from Chaturbate bought you anything from your wishlist? Well my guys are great!! Buddha got me an xbox kinnect, my first iPod, workout games, dresses, bikinis gosh too many things to count Including Victoria Secret giftcards. He is amazing to me. JayKersh has bought me tons of lingerie; given me giftcards to other sites like Forever21. BiggenStiff bought me this cool guy mid-section thing to do riding shows. Mikielikesit has gotten me tons of panties & bikinis from Victoria Secret. Patrick4you has also spoiled me a ton. Thanks guys for everything that you do for me! Especially the smile you put on my face each & every day!!
6) Have you had any embarrassing webcam moments? HA well the most recent was I locked myself out of my second story bedroom just minutes after I hit goal!! All I could do was knock & told them to tip if they could hear me & yell through the door what had just happened, along with my apology. I was able to chat with them without my webcam from another computer & they walked me through using a butter knife & kung fu to get in. It worked! They all thought it was the best blooper on Chaturbate. Yes, these things happen all the time. There is a running count on how many times I slip during bubble bath shows. I am clumsy but luckily for me its part of my charm.
7) If we looked inside your purse right now, what would we find? Well I don’t have a purse, weird I know. I lose my cards too much & my dog spilled hot wing sauce on my purse a while back & I haven’t had time to go get a new one so I have just gotten used to not having one. I carry my phone, cards & chapstick in my pockets. Anything else usually goes in my boyfriends pocket.
8) When you like a guy, how do you show it? Well in the beginning I like to be sexy & turn him on until he cant take it anymore & has to fuck me or he’ll explode, now what I like to do to show Handsome that I love him or I’m in the mood is I like to walk up like I’m going to kiss him, drop to my knees & put his dick in my mouth. I don’t care where I am kitchen, bedroom, laundry room or walmart ;D
9) You describe yourself as small. What are your measurements? I am 5’2, I wear a size 1 pants, 8 shoes & 34c bra
10) What is the last spontaneous thing you have done? Well I think the last was when I gave Handsome a BJ at the park, we filmed it, you can see the vid on my chaturbate bio, be sure to click show more to see my 40+ videos
11) Do you have a life quote you live by? Oh Shit so many Ayn Rand quotes swirling my head right now… Ask yourself whether the dream of heaven and greatness should be waiting for us in our graves – or whether it should be ours here and now and on this earth. Also basically the whole John Galt speech that he gives over the radio in Atlas Shrugged
12) What is your favorite season of the year? Summer of course. Bikinis, sun & swimming! I love being outdoors & active.
13) If you were to describe yourself in only 3 words what would they be? Silly. Clumsy. Exhibitionist.
14) Tell us something most people don’t know about you: Most people can’t tell from looking at me that I am a mother of 2, I owned a daycare up until Dec 2012 or that I was a Sunday school teacher for 3 years, I am so open with my sexuality & happy to be that way those facts tend to shock people. I think something that no one may know about me is that I did barrel back racing as a kid.
15) What is your favorite sex position? I think everyone says doggy because it may be the best. Grabbing thighs, slapping balls, the raw passion of it is amazing. But I want to say a different answer, I love when I lay on my belly legs together, back arched slightly so that my hips & ass are raised off the bed, have Handsome straddle me, slide his dick in & go at it pinning my arms to the bed supporting his weight.
16) Stocking vs Thigh High’s Which is hotter? Thigh highs are because it doesn’t block your pussy. You can be dressed & undressed all at the same time.
17) What turns you on? I love when my shoulders are nibbles on from behind, when he bites my ass, I love love love licking his balls while he jacks off to the view, I love being jacked off to in general & watching the cum shoot out of his dick knowing that I am right there & the reason he is so turned on.
18) Where is the craziest place you have done a webcam show? Well, the car once but I have gone outside into my own back yard a few times & that is a pretty cool feeling that my actual neighbors could be seeing me. Not just strangers in other cars but people I see everyday could be peeping or hearing me cum outside wondering what’s going on. Like I said I am a total exhibitionist. I even made an epic vid in my backyard, we fucked all over that thing. It has to be my favorite video, so many great scenes.
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Model Spotlight: KittyCatXo

KittyCatXo’s Chat Room: http://homecamgirl.com/kittycatxo/
1) How did you come up with your alter ego “KittyCatXo”? My alter ego was created because of my love for cats. You can normally find me online wearing one of my crazy colourful cat t-shirts or showing off my awesome cats, Bob (who is a girl) and Radar (the boy). I am almost positive I was a cat in my previous life! Meowww! ;)
2) Do you have any hobbies? I actually have a love for cooking. I really enjoy cooking for other people and hearing the compliments they give me. If I could own my own restaurant I would, just to make people happy with my delicious food! I also bake, but I would say that my dinners are much better than my baking!
3) Describe a typical Friday night Lately my Friday nights have been easy-going – snuggling up and watching shows like the New Girl, Family Guy, the Big Bang Theory and Hart of Dixie. I am also pretty big on anime. I love girly high-school love/comedy series and all the Miyazaki films. Currently I am watching an anime called “Say I Love You” and I think it’s my favorite yet!
4) Do you have any secret Chaturbate crushes? I have MANY crushes on Chaturbate!! *shy face* Some are a secret and some not so secret! They are the girls I spend the most time watching, which include: Checkerz, HelloKitty, Chocolina, and Trixie. J I love all these girls to death and really enjoy spending time in their rooms or with them on webcam. Some of whom I wish to meet and cam with one day! Yay!
5) Has anyone from Chaturbate bought you anything from your wish-list? Many people have bought me e-Gift Cards from my wish-list on my profile! I love these more than actual gifts because it allows me to have the freedom to choose what I want. I change my mind a lot! Currently I would really love lingerie e-Gift Cards so I can get some cute schoolgirl outfits. My ultimate gift for someone to buy from my wish-list is actually an AWESOME RETRO EGG CHAIR!!! It has been my dream since I was young to own one and I hope one day soon someone can fulfill that dream of mine!
6) Have you had any embarrassing webcam moments? I don’t really have any super embarrassing moments on webcam but one time my mother happened to open the door when I was in my underwear on webcam and claimed that she knocked! (It makes a girl extremely embarrassed and nervous when a parent walks in on them on webcam!) My music was apparently too loud, hehe. I jumped up – closed my laptop quickly and ran to put on my robe. She didn’t question me much – it was an extremely awkward moment. It actually happened a few times but the others were only her knocking on the door while I was broadcasting. People wondered where I went and thought it was pretty funny. Thank god that can’t happen anymore!
7) If we were to look inside your purse right now, what would we find? I am positive I have the Mary Poppins purse. I manage to fit absolutely everything into it. I find that the bigger my purse is, the more things I find to fill it with. Right now there is a wallet, tonnes of recipes and papers, tic-tacs, camera, camera charger, make-up, cleaning wipes (the ones you get from restaurants!!), girly needs, cellphone, keys, granola bar, even MORE papers, tissues, chap-stick, Japanese coins, Tylenol, hair ties, a hair brush, gum, candy, portable USB stick and of course my Genie Lamp because that is where I live. ;)
8) When you like a guy, how do you show it? I am normally straight forward when I like a guy but it’s rare for me to find the right person. I don’t like to play games when it comes to finding someone I want to be with. I would rather know if they like me back and if they don’t then I can find someone else quicker – without wasting my time :o)
9) In your opinion what is the best thing about being an adult? The best thing about being an adult is being able to make your own rules. I love being able to do what I want, when I want. I love to stay up late and sleep in until whenever I choose. I am also able to eat fast food any day I please and eat BACON a million times a day without being told I need to eat my fruits and veggies! ;) Mmmmmmm bacon……… <3
10) Do you have a life quote you live by? These are a few of my favorites that I keep in mind every now and then:
“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Gandhi
“It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.” – Andre Gide
“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” – Friedrich Nietzsche
11) What is your favorite season of the year? I think my favorite season is Fall – right when the leaves start to change and look so beautiful. Normally the first snow fall takes place in the Fall which I look forward to so much and then it becomes hot apple cider time! Yummmmm!! Also my Birthday takes place in autumn which makes it even better!
12) If you were to describe yourself in only 3 words what would they be? I think I would describe myself as cute, honest and caring! I feel that people close to me would describe me as the same, without a doubt!
13) Tell us something most people don’t know about you Most people don’t know that I have a huge love for old cars. I enjoy going to car shows (muscle cars – not those horrid fart cannons) and hope to save for my dream car which is a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS. I plan to learn about building cars when I can finally afford to buy my dream car – I hope it is soon!! The sound of a muscle cars loud dirty engine really turns me on! Mmmmm ;)
14) What is your favorite sex position? My favorite sex position is doggy style. I like when a guy can take hold of my hips and back dimples and take full control. It’s amazing feeling him the deepest he can go. I’m not into that soft passionate sex – I like it fast and hard. ;)
15) Stocking vs Thigh High’s If you catch me online, you will find that I almost always wear Thigh High socks! I have a massive collection of over 25 pairs (…which is nothing compared to my panty collection of over 300 pairs though!). I just love the way they feel on my legs and how they look. They make girls legs look longer than they actually are. I think long legs are hot!
16) What things turn you on? Some of my turn-ons are: soft neck kissing, back massages, making out, shirtless fit country boys working all hard and sweaty (hehe), girl on girl, and sometimes it turns me on to tell a guy what to do! ;)
17) Where is the craziest place you have done a webcam show? The craziest place I have done a webcam show would be in an airport waiting room. It was scary but I managed to go on webcam for a short time while I was waiting for my plane. In the future I plan to do a show ON an airplane! That would be soooo awesome!
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Porn Star Feature With Cytherea

Adult film star Cytherea will be doing a special feature show on homecamgirl.com Monday July 29, 2013 at 7 P.M. (10 p.m. EST). Fans will access to a free show, where they’ll be able to ask questions, make requests, have the opportunity to tip or get a private show.
Cytherea nicknamed “The Goddess of Gush” for her squirting abilities is a AVN Award Winner and was Crowned Teen Cream Dream by XRCO. She is featured in over 200 adult movies for major publications like Evil Angel, Hustler Video, and Mile High.
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Model Spotlight: PrivateBeach

PrivateBeach’s Chat Room: http://www.homecamgirl.com/privatebeach/
1) How did you come up with the screenname Private Beach? Privatebeach has been my “online name” for a long time..it started out as a screenname for AOL, when I was on vacation in Puerto Rico and my family and I were staying at a house that we had rented which had its own private beach; it stuck from there.
2) In your opinion what is the best thing about being 23 years old? Honestly, I wish I wasn’t 23, after turning 21 I realized that the birthdays are just going to keep coming and that I’m going to continue to get older. If I had to pick the best thing though it would be have the independence of being an adult, but being young enough to still have fun.
3) When you walk into a bar/club what is the first thing you order? Vodka and Cranberry, always. And sometimes a water.
4) If you could go on a date with anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be? Well I only go on dates with my boyfriend itswhenyousmile but if I were to pick a celebrity it would be the rapper MGK (Machine Gun Kelly). I think he is SO talented, I love his music..and on top of it he is gorgeous. I love his style and the way that he carries himself.
5) What was the last spontaneous thing you have done? The last spontaneous thing that I’ve done was coming home after being out on a date with my boyfriend, getting on CB and setting a goal that I would be tied to the bed. It isn’t something I’ve ever done before but it was a great show and I loved it.
6) Only using 3 words describe yourself: Friendly, Feisty, and Freaky.
7) Has anyone from Chaturbate bought you anything? Yes, my fans have been incredible!!!! I’ve gotten lots of lingerie, sex toys, clothing, jewelry for my piercings, body paint, etc. The next big item that I want is a stripper pole I would LOVE to do shows on it.
8) Do you have any hidden talents? Well recently I have been doing a lot of naked handstands. I found out about this talent when I saw another model doing handstands on CB, I don’t do it very often, only when its requested. What can I say..I’m up for anything.
9) What song/band could you listen on repeat all day long and never be tired of it? I have to mention it again, its MGK. I am obsessed with him. He has two CDs out and I have both of them on my ipod. My friend introduced me to this band while I was in Michigan, MGK’s fanbase is mostly in the midwest since he is originally from Ohio. I relate to him because he is super independent, loves to do crazy things, and has an an amazing attitude about life. My viewers would probably say that they are sick of hearing him/about him every night.
10) What is the wildest request you have received while webcamming? The wildest request that I’ve got was actually tons of fun to do. I was on couple cam with my boyfriend and I was asked to give him oral while doing a handstand. That request didn’t work out so well..instead we did 69 standing up. It was SO much fun, and felt great. He and I will definitely be doing this off cam more often ; )
11) Have you ever had an embarrassing moment while broadcasting? I constantly have embarrassing moments on cam, I am a very clumsy person and run into things almost every night. Whenever I am off cam people can hear me screaming “ouch” “goddamnit”. I have also fallen off of my bed which seems to be a common thing, and forgetting I’m on cam and start singing or say something stupid.
12) Do you have any crushes on anyone at Chaturbate.com? I have a few..Texas_Blonde, BlazeFyre, Freakyoreofun, and itswhenyousmile..of course.
13) Where is the craziest place you have done a webcam show from? The craziest place I’ve ever cammed was in the Bahamas at a bar, the reception was terrible, and had to buy food to get the Wifi password. But it was worth it to hop on and say hello to my followers, I missed them.
14) Are you into any fetishes? Fetishes..hmm well I love it when the person that I am with is aggressive, its the biggest turn on. It has just recently been shown on cam with me being tied to the bed, but we have handcuffs coming in the mail so there will be more to come.
15) Tell us about your favorite sex toy: My favorite sex toy is the Hitachi. I think thats every girls favorite but my original sex toy that I still love is a Doc Johnson vibe, I named it Leo after Leonardo Dicaprio, I wore the first one out so I bought the exact some one, its my go to.
16) When you like someone how do you show it? I am a HUGE flirt or at least I’ve been told that I am. If I like someone they will know it. I get very touchy and giggly, the typical butterflies in my stomach and I definitely blush. I’m not very good at hiding my feelings.
17) Do you have any body art? I have four tattoos. I love all of them, they all have meaning for me. The first one I got says “breathe” its on my wrist, its a daily reminder to take life more slowly. I have the infinity symbol on the back of my neck, a friend of mine that passed away had the same tattoo on his back so its in memory of him. I have a tattoo on my side which I always get questions about on CB it says “Long is the Way and Hard that out of Hell Leads up to Light” It from the book Paradise Lost by John Milton; it has the most significance to me and is my favorite, everyone goes through bad situations which ultimately lead them to happiness. My most recent tattoo is the number twenty-two in Roman Numerals on my back XXII; I got this tattoo for my boyfriend, its his favorite number and he means a lot to me. I plan on getting so many more!
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Model Spotlight: Starlet

Starlet’s Chat Room: http://www.homecamgirl.com/starlet/
1) How did you come up with your alter ego “Starlet”? Well, it wasn’t for any particular reason, I was looking for a name on an adult web site, saw a girl who looks like me and her name called my attention… But now that I have been in chaturbate for over 1 year, I do really feel like Starlet, the people makes me feel that way, and I love it.
2) Where is the wildest place you’ve done a webcam show? Hahaha… I was doing some college homework on my ex mother’s in law house, was so funny cause the people on the room knew where I was at and that I couldn’t laugh cause everyone still awake, so they started making jokes and tipping like crazy, I was sweating!!! But when everyone went to bed, we had the fun.
3) When you walk into a bar, what is the first thing you order? I use to go at the same bar almost all the times I go to hang out, I love Peroni beer, but if I go to another site, I order Redds.
4) How do members join Starlet’s Secret Services? I don’t ask for a tokens amount to join there, the people who is there are those who are caring of me all the time, my best friends and they work all the time as a team trying to make me the happiest woman in the world, and it works every day… Of course there are my best tippers too, but that is not the main thing, when the people is nice to me, I am nice to them as well.
5) What is the craziest request you’ve received during a webcam show? OMG!! Call the deliver pizza guy and answer the door in my underwear, the second time I called him (cause I had it done twice lol) I answer the door in toppless, it was really crazy.
6) What is the best thing about being single? I can enjoy my freedom, even if I don’t have a crazy life style, because sience I have been divorced I still single, no one bothers me asking where I have been or why sometimes I arrive late at home, I handle my life in the way I like, and I am completely sure I do right.
7) What was the last spontaneous thing you’ve done? I am very spontaneous, I do not follow a scrip, but one I remember is when I broadcasted with my best friend (I am very straight) but anyway we set a high goal only for toppless and we reached it!!!! lol, the guys on there said that didn’t know I was that shy… was the hardest time to get undressed.
8) When you like someone how do you show it? When I like someone I am kinda shy, so I take the easy way, like trying to share interest and breaking the ice, conversations, becoming in a very good closer friend, calling his attention without show that im dying for him, I think in this cases, less is more.
9) If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be? Wow!! Few weeks ago I was answering this question in my room, and I’d love to meet all the Starlet’s Secret Service, we were thinking in something like a big dinner for all, some drinks, but nothing else, because even when they want me so bad and enjoy everything what I do, we have clear that we are only friends, and all the adult fun we have is just while I am online.
10) What is your favorite sex toy? All my toys have names, Gawdzilla (the big boy), Batman (the night gentleman), Angelo (Secret lover) and Eggy (vibe)… Definitely my fav one is Eggy, this toy proves that the size doesn’t matter , is like 5 cms toy but is amazing, sometimes I use the others too, but of course with eggy all the time.
11) Describe your perfect date: I don’t really like the formal details, I am pretty easy to please but I kinda love the surprises.
12) If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring 3 things. What would you bring? A picture of my babies, A very good book (I love to read), My toothbrush, I am always caring of my smile. The rest I can handle by my own lol.
13) Any embarrassing moments on webcam? Jesus..!! I tried to made a shower show… Was my first shower show ever, and well, something happened and the water gone that night, I was so embarrassed, the water wasn’t coming in the second floor where the bathroom was at, downstairs was working, but no shower there, so I found a baby tub, and got some water that was terribly cold (I do love the cold water in my daily shower, but at 1 am is a very bad idea) anyway the show was better of what I had planned, the guys enjoyed it and it was my principal goal, we still remember and laugh at it.
14) Has anyone from Chaturbate bought you anything from your wishlist? Hmm…. Sexy outfit, my watch (ice watch Colombia… love it), my laptop with the HD cam, a beautiful white golden butterfly with diamonds… and when I celebrate my 1st chaturbirthday (first cam anniversary) he bring me flowers… Thank you Squirtlover69..!!
15) What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Turn on the laptop and the radio.
16) What is the last thing you do before going to bed? Turn off the laptop, now my computer is like an extension of me for work and study, I can imagine my life without it.
17) Describe a typical Friday night? Before it was hanging out with friends, having some beers, being online, or just watching TV at home, but now is studying cause I have my classes all Saturday, so not much fun that day.
18) Any guilty pleasures? Lol, well, when some one is taking the elevator and I take the steps, I like pressing the button in every floor haha, I know is kinda silly, but anyway is funny.
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